Endowment Information

It is the desire of the McChurch family to establish the Tyler McChurch Memorial Scholarship Fund in memorial for Tyler who died in a car accident in 2013. All contributions to the fund by the donors and others are encouraged as long as such contributions are in agreement with the conditions set forth herein. 

Fund Administration
This fund shall be a permanent endowment fund, contributions to which will be made absolutely to Cumberland University, which is located in Lebanon, Tennessee, and is an exempt and charitable organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Gifts to the fund shall be maintained and administered by the University in accordance with university policies and applicable Tennessee law. 

Program Administration
The following guidelines shall be used in the administration of the program: 

1. The beginning and future principal of this scholarship will remain intact in perpetuity. Principal is defined as that value placed on the initial gift plus additional contributions to the fund. 

2. The principal of the scholarship may be increased at any time by donor(s), the McChurch family, their estate, or others acting on their behalf.

 3. Each year a donation of up to 25% of new monies raised for this fund will be distributed to support Wilson County Youth Football programs and/or the Cumberland University Athletic Program. The distribution of these funds will be at the sole discretion of the fund trustees. These contributions will be designated in memory of Tyler.