Scholarship Application

The award shall be administered in accordance with the following guidelines:

1.  The scholarship will support Wilson County high school graduates who demonstrate certain life skills that best resemble and represent Tyler.  Awarded funds may be used for tuition, room and board, fees and books.

2. Recipient must complete a scholarship application and essay and submit the application to the Office of Student Financial Aid by the appropriate due date.

3. The recipient(s) shall have a determination to succeed and character traits that reflect leadership and cooperation and also shall have a goal oriented personality.

4. The scholarship decision will not focus solely on academic merit, but will take into consideration other marks of student excellence including involvement in athletics, extracurricular activities, school organizations and school functions.

5. Spirituality will also be a major consideration in evaluating applications for this scholarship.

6. Trustees of the Tyler McChurch Memorial Scholarship Fund may make recommendations as to the recipients of this award, however, in accordance with federal, state and university policies, Cumberland University will make final decisions regarding scholarship recipients.  The award will be made by the Office of Financial Aid.

7. Dependents of trustees and members of the McChurch family are eligible for this award only if all criteria are met.

8. This scholarship may be awarded to multiple students within an academic year as determined by Trustees of the scholarship and the Office of Financial Aid.